The unscrupulous emulation made The Down Troddence band nominated for RSMA(Rolling Stone Metal Awards) 2014.TDT,a highly profounding folk thrash metal band made its appearance from Kannur district in Kerala. This hexa piece band consists of Munz(Vocals), Varun Raj(Guitar), Nezer(Bass Guitar), Sushin Shyam(Keyboards),Ganesh Radhakrishnan(Drums) and Adwaith Mohan(Guitar).Lyrically, the band upholding its philosophy talks about the inequalities and injustices in India’s social and political systems.

TDT attains the attention of a vast audience with the release of their first music video SHIVA.It was only the internet and youtube which takes up the role of a platform firstly to expose their talents.And for them had faced many struggles in moulding up their music video which made them recieve The Best Music Video Award at the IndieGo South Asian music award.The band wanted their music to talk about the world in the view of an adiyalan or a downtrodden person.TDT believes in raising voice against injustice and inequality prevailing in the society.The band sticked to the roots of Kerala folk art music forms such as pottan theyyam which gaves a unique identity, interms of sound and overall presentation.Let us hope that the immense endeavour of TDT band may enlighten and inspire us to bring the essence harmony and justice within the world.

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May their sincere efforts win a word of praise by achieving RSMA (Rolling Stone Metal Awards) 2014

Show reeling some of their great works



The Down Troddence – Shiva

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