Affluent drinkers (social or anti-social) would have had the fortune of having ‘Johnnie Walker’; undoubtedly the world’s largest whisky brand to their evening appetite some day or the other. The brand’s portfolio ranges from Blue label, one of the world’s most expensive whiskies, to Red Label, the world’s most popular.

Originally introduced as Walker’s Kilmarnock Whiskey by a legend called ‘John Walker’ in the 1820’s, the brand was popularized by his son Alexander Walker-1 and grandson Alexander Walker-11.

The popular logo christened as “The striding man” was created as part of global branding phenomena of the company and was introduced in the year 1908. It was created by the then famous illustrator “Tom Browne”. The logo is believed to be created in the likeness of John Walker in traditional, upscale attire. In the logo, the man is walking forward, which symbolizes forward thinking and the pursuit of excellence.


When initially created, the striding man had a smiling face and he walked from the right to the left. Over a period of time, the logo lost a clear face but kept its attire in-tact. In the new and improved logo , Johnnie walker walks from left to right after some unknown person convinced the company that ‘Johnnie’ was walking the wrong way. The exact year in which the direction shift took place is unknown and not recorded anywhere.

But, I am not sure how many privileged veterans have noted this change and moreover – When on budget; who cares???? 


Image credits – JOHNNIE WALKER