Imagine yourself facing a job interview from a recruiter based in South Africa. He asks for your mark sheets, verified passport, voters’ ID card and attested copies of your nativity certificate. In a normal course of events, you’ll scan your personal e-mail to locate the documents spread across various folders which you have sent for a different purpose altogether. Secondly, you’d be pondering on the ways to pamper the officials in the Govt. office each time to somehow authenticate the documents even if you have to offer them an under-the-table currency.

Well, forget such worries from now on. Coz, “Digital Locker” has finally arrived. And this is not in America; the event has just been materialized here in India. The cloud based platform helps you to store, modify, access and delete your personalized govt. related data free of cost. The utility allows you to share your documents to authorized users/agencies. As of now, the locker is accessible to all citizens of India having a valid Aadhar Card(UID) through which a login id can be created.

The locker facility has uplifted the face value of Narenda Modi’s Brainchild “Digital India” and seems to be the best kept foot-forward. It is time now for the fellow Indians to utilize the capabilities of the Digital locker in order to reduce the red-tape that was surmounting in Govt. Services.

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