Bol or “speak out” is a short film made by a young 28-year-old Mumbai based woman.It inspires women to break their silence and speak up against the atrocities done to them. This film urges to stop the cycle of sexual violence and harassment. The 12-minute video captures various types of sexual abuse an average Indian woman goes through on a daily basis at hands of men and women. From child abuse to workplace harassment and marital rape, every aspect has been covered aptly. Statistics say that in India a woman is sexually assaulted every three minutes and raped every 20 minutes! The figures might be shocking but women tend to hesitate to speak up fearing retribution and judgmental glares from this insensitive society.

Without A Single Word, This Short Film Encourages Woman to Speak out About Sexual Abuse “The more you will talk, the less it will happen“. So true… right? Then, speak out…

you can watch the video here;

It’s a very well made powerful short movie with a social message to spread awareness on sexual harassment. This will defiantly give confidence to victims of everyday who feel shameful or loss of dignity in expressing and fighting against such evil deeds. The more you speak about such incidents the less/no more can be witness by succeeding generation. Dignity is where one speaks out and fights for their freedom. A lot of people appreciate the efforts she put in spreading the awareness. It is a sad and bitter truth that people are aware of what is going on but continuing to put up with it. Everyone should remember that unless we stand up for ourselves no one will stand up for us. It is every one’s right for happiness. And one needs to fight for it. The first step towards the change is to standing up for oneself against any kind of abuse. Then the change happens over a period of time. Rome was not built in a day. We should not give up on our fight no matter how long it takes.

About film maker 


 Pooja Batura Pathak, a mass communication graduate from Delhi, already had the skills in her. She has been associated with organizations such as Zoom, Zee TV, Headlines Today etc.

After the Nirbhaya case, a lot of women were rendered numb by the thought– ‘It could have been Me!’ A collective sense of fear and revulsion gripped them. Some vented their anger on the streets, some on social media and some just kept it inside. Pooja Batura Pathak, 28, thought of doing something different. Bol, a short-film made by Pooja, is about the silence in a woman’s life between the times when she is born to the time when she dies. It speaks about how a girl goes through sexual harassment from her childhood to motherhood, and beyond. More than 1 lakh views in just 10 days. If we take a sneak-peak into Pooja’s life to know what made her do this short- film and how she went about it. People often get creative ideas from their own life-experiences. It was the same for Pooja. She was born and brought up in Noida, where she believes it is scary for girls to travel alone. Many of her friends had been through some or the other kind of sexual harassment in their life. She went to Mumbai to pursue her career, and then the Nirbhaya incident happened. Her friends’ experiences and the Delhi incident inspired her to make Bol.

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