This topic related to photographs of mouse may turns your mind unpleasant as these critters always distract you…Have you ever noticed its beauty deeply in a photograph? Again you may shout why chose a mouse as model for photography…it’s an adorable cute fluffy creature…Have an amazing time by viewing these incredible pretty photographs.

I can see forever!

1Kaloyan Hrisov

Wild mice are a little different from their domesticated cousins.


If you were mouse-sized, you could use adorable mushroom cups, too.


This mouse is just thrilled to be among the daisies.

9Benjamin Joseph Andrew

Oh, nothing, just hanging out on this stem giggling with my bestie.

4Benjamin Joseph Andrew

But they’re still adorable (even though some actually consider them pests).

5Matt Binstead

This mouse cannot believe what you just said. Get OUT!

6John Gooday

There’s something perfect about teeny mice and teeny flowers.

7Paul Tymon

These mousies are taking advantage of some seeds. Look at the one on the left stuffing its lil face!

8L:Molly Michelin, R:

This mouse has the most cutting edge, modern home in mouseland.

15Mark Wright

This mouse is very happy to be at the end of this twig.

10Pauly Tymon


11Jonas Simkus

The photographer named this shot “Yes, I Am Very Cute,” and we can’t think of a better title.

12Trevor Oven

Getting lunch is a feat when you’re this tiny.

13Jerry Harwood


How could you not love something that hangs on to things with all four feet?





14Benjamin Joseph Andrew

Need your hands? Just hang on with your feet!

desktop-1413910541L: Benjamin Joseph Andrew, R: Matt Binstead

A Queen Anne’s Lace flower makes a perfect sunshade if you’re a mouse.

16Lynn Griffiths

Watching a movie with your best friend feels just like this.

17Miroslav  Hlavco

Passing out after said movie with your best friend is like…


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