It’s a long time we had been hearing about the historical hero Lord Rama, and his victory over Raavana. Debates and discussions still goes on checking out the accuracy in the story of Ramayana. Sometimes even strong rebels rise up during the discussions on the authenticity of this mythological story.Ramayana was not just a historical text,its an epical poem.

Do you ever thought of this historical story removing its myths? Yeah, its just like a story in which the princess is kidnapped by the baddie of film or something like that and prince breaking out war for the exiled princess. But, never go for judgment of this story of myths, since there are evidences in the form of photographs of the places where the history works.

Hanuman Garhi, now a temple is a place in Ayodhya, where Hanuman was waiting patiently for Lord Rama who was in exile.


Janki Temple, an actual temple of Sitadevi is located at Janakpur in Nepal. Janaki (Sita) was named after her father Janaka.2


Panchavati, a place near Nashik where a hut was set up by Rama, Sita and Lakshmana when went for exile.



Yeah,it­’s the place where Raavana abducted SitaDevi and where Jatayu changed into a demi-god vulture form. The town named Le pakshi was where Jatayu fell off.



Sri Rama along with Hanuman met Jatayudying. They helped him and uttered words Le Pakshi meaning ‘Rise bird’ for attaining Moksha during its dying moments. There exists a large footprint which is said to be of Hanuman’s.



Ram Sethu, an underwater bridge made of stones was built by Ram’s army creating a pathway to connect Kingdom Lanka.



Raavana’s immense devotion and respect towards Lord Shiva resulted in building up the Temple Koneshwaram at Srilanka.



A part of Koneshwaram temple, where Raavana was idolized and was exaggerated having ten heads. In fact it depicts the 10 kingdom he ruled i.e the 10 different crowns.



Kanniya, these are still existing hot wells built by Raavana near Koneshwaram temple.



Sitakotuwa, now a tourist site located at Srilanka was the place to which Raavana took Sita firstly.



Ashok Vatika, as said in Valmiki’s Ramayana is a beautiful forest to which Raavana took Sita from Sitakotuwa. An actual Ashokavanam exists in Srilanka.



Giant footprints on the sides of a lake at Ashok Vatika which was said to be of Hanuman who came in the form of a giant in search of Sita.



Have you heard of ‘Hanuman set Lanka’ on fire?These are parts around Raavana’s palace where the ground looks somewhat black which is different from the surrounding areas.The pic is from Ussangoda, at Srilanka – a place said to be where Pushpakhavimanam landed.



Divurumpola, at Srilanka was the place where Rama after rescuing Sita left her for Agni Pariksha to test her purity.There exists a tree in its right spot where local disputes settle for debates and discussions.




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